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ColorNet, Inc. , creating multimedia since 1992. We specialize in leading-edge media;
typically a year ahead of the field. This year it is High Definition Video at full 720p
(1280 x720). While other houses are just now adopting HDV, ColorNet has been
shooting, editing in-house and producing real HD for our clients at DV prices since
June of 2003.

sunflowerbeeairOn the following pages you will find two compressed
and reduced videos for the web, .wmvs. These pieces
were originally shot in 720p , that is 1280 x 720 with
m2t intact. This allows for a true High Definition
Broadcast, should that be your choice.

This Web site is narrow in its focus and purpose. Our extensive photo library, collateral
and ad portfolios, and commercial video are available by request.

At ColorNet, Inc., we only look ahead.©

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